How can Earth’s big data shape our future?

In the age of big data, fact gathering and number crunching — along with sophisticated simulations — are key. In such a scientifically complex area, expertise and real-world context can guide decision-makers towards visionary solutions.(Readmore)

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World Bank to end financial support for oil and gas exploration

The World Bank will end its financial support for oil and gas exploration within the next two years in response to the growing threat posed by climate change.

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Wind energy is supposed to help fight climate change. It turns out climate change is fighting back.

A changing climate is beginning to change wind energy’s potential to provide power in key regions, part of what could be a broader diminishment of a key renewable energy source in part of the world, according to two scientific studies.

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2017 set to be one of top three hottest years on record

Data so far this year points to 2017 continuing a long-term trend of record breaking temperatures around the world, says World Meteorological Organization.

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Electric cars emit 50% less greenhouse gas than diesel, study finds

Electric cars emit significantly less greenhouse gases over their lifetimes than diesel engines even when they are powered by the most carbon intensive energy, a new report has found.

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CliFi – A new way to talk about climate change

Cli-Fi refers to “climate fiction”. These are fictional books that  bring real climate change science to the reader. Cli-Fi can connect people to their world; it can help us understand what future climate may be like, or what current climate effects are.(Read more)

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The world is going slow on coal, but misinformation is distorting the facts

A recent story on 621 plants being built globally was played up in various media – but the figure is way off the mark.

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Fossil fuels win billions in public money after Paris climate deal, angry campaigners claim

Billions of dollars of public money was sunk in new fossil fuel projects by the world’s major development banks in the year after the Paris climate change deal was agreed, according to campaigners.

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Melting Arctic ice cap falls to well below average

The Arctic ice cap melted to hundreds of thousands of square miles below average this summer.

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Ambitious 1.5C Paris climate target is still possible, new analysis shows

Goal to limit warming to 1.5C to avoid the worst impacts of climate change was seen as unreachable, but updated research suggests it could be met if strong action is taken.

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