Electric-car winds in China shift again: goals to be cut after sales fall?

The regulators are considering cutting China's ambitious goals for sales of electric cars

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Brexit Britain plan boosts smart grid and electric cars

Climate analysts give a cautious thumbs up to industrial strategy they say will support the clean energy transition

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Faraday Future’s New Electric Car Will Struggle with Scale

The vehicle may beat any Tesla in a drag race, but it’s a long way from being put into production.

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Is China’s electric car dream turning into a zombie nightmare?

Rush to benefit from government subsidies spawned many small, ‘new-energy’ carmakers; few are expected to survive

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Officials move to spark EV sales

Korea government adds additional incentives, fast-charging stations for electric vehicles.

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[전기차 전쟁] ③한국 자동차 산업, 전기차 골든타임이 지나간다

한국 경제의 한 축을 맡아온 자동차 산업이 골든타임을 놓칠 위기에 처했다.

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Samsung Is Supplying This Electric Car Startup With Breakthrough Battery Tech

Samsung and Lucid Motors worked together on the development of the next-generation cylindrical cells.

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[2017 예산안] 에너지신산업-신재생 정부안 가결

국회는 정부가 제출한 에너지신산업, 신재생에너지 예산을 가감 없이 가결했다.

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내달 1일 ‘광주·칭화자동차포럼’

광주광역시는 중국 칭화대와 공동으로 다음달 1~2일 광주 김대중컨벤션센터에서 한국과 중국 자동차산업의 현재와 미래를 조망하는 ‘광주·칭화자동차포럼’을 연다.

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세계 전기차 1위 중국 BYD, 한국 법인 설립

세계 1위 전기차 업체인 중국의 비야디(比亞迪·BYD)가 최근 한국에 법인을 설립하고 본점을 제주에 설립하는 등 국내 진출을 본격화하고 있다.

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