Renewable energy: the growth industry on the hunt for graduates

Emboldened by recent innovations, the renewables sector is booming – and on the lookout for Stem graduate. From Elon Musk agreeing to build the world’s biggest lithium ion battery to Volvo’s announcement that all their new cars will be hybrid or electric from 2019, clean tech is moving out of the fringes and into the mainstream. (Read more)

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Wind energy provided 206% of Scotland’s entire electricity needs

WWF Scotland analysed wind power data provided by Weather Energy and found that wind turbines provided 86,467MWh to the national grid on 2 October, more than double the country’s total daily electricity needs.

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Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank invests $210 million to Egypt’s mega solar plans

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) announced on Tuesday that it will provide up to $210 million in debt-financing for Egypt’s plans to build a 490MW solar park. Once completed, Egypt aims to export electricity during peak hours and improve its connectivity in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa. (Read more)


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Renewables surpass nuclear power generation in US

During the first third of 2017, renewable and nuclear power generation have been running neck-and-neck, with nuclear providing 20.75 per cent of U.S. net electrical generation, and renewables providing 20.20 per cent over the same four-month period.

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Berkeley Researchers Map Out Renewable Energy Future For Africa

This surprising find is that the wind and solar resources in Africa are absolutely gigantic, and something you could tap into for relatively low cost

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Elon Musk, meet Port Augusta: four renewable energy projects ready to go

Pumped hydro, big battery, solar thermal and solar PV and storage projects are already planned for South Australia’s power network

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India’s specialised renewable energy transmission project secures $500 million

A $500 million agreement has been reached for dedicated transmission lines for renewable energy projects in India

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Greece to get EBRD funding for renewable energy drive

Cash-strapped Greece will get more funding from EBRD after its board approved up to 300 million euros to fund renewable energy projects

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Is The Renewable Transition Harming The U.S. Economy?

Despite a GDP growth of 12 percent since 2007, America’s usage of energy has fallen by 3.6 percent

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Renewable energy draws increasing Republican support. That could shift climate politics.

GOP governors are becoming clean energy leaders

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