Netherlands, Canada and the UK lead the phase-out of the coal era

On October 11, the Dutch Government introduced a legislation making it a legal obligation to shut down all coal-fired plants in the country by 2030. The news will come as a surprise to Engie, RWE, and Uniper that commissioned three coal plants in the country in 2015.

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New IEA report reveals that solar has been the fastest growing source of new energy

The International Energy Agency (IEA) released its annual report on the developments of renewables worldwide, revealing that although it had underestimated the speed at which solar would expand in the past, it has become the fastest growing source of new energy in 2016. (Read more)

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Wind energy provided 206% of Scotland’s entire electricity needs

WWF Scotland analysed wind power data provided by Weather Energy and found that wind turbines provided 86,467MWh to the national grid on 2 October, more than double the country’s total daily electricity needs.

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The UK commissioned its first subsidy-free solar power plant with battery storage

The first solar power plant in the UK to operate without any kind of government subsidy will be commissioned on Tuesday, sparking excitement among renewable energy enthusiasts who describe it as a tipping point for the industry.(Read more)

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UK energy regulator made a breakthrough decision marking a new era for battery-storage

The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) announced on Wednesday that Anesco, a UK-based renewable energy company, will be the first commercial solar farm to retain their Renewables Obligation (RO) subsidy status even when the electricity generated is used to charge storage batteries. “Ofgem has firmly cemented energy storage as being a vital part of […]

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US major corporations demonstrate commitment to clean energy despite President’s Trump policies

Smart Energy Decisions in 94 major corporations and institutions suggests that the US President’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement hasn’t affected their commitment to the clean energy transition. Smart Energy Decisions underlined that the interesting element of the survey lies behind the reason that more and more companies commit to clean electricity. (Read […]

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A tiny Greek island to become the first energy independent island in the Mediterranean

Tilos, a small island in the Dodecanese complex in the Aegean Sea, is on set to become the first energy independent island in the Mediterranean by solely relying in renewables. The project’s main goal is to demonstrate the potential of off-grid hybrid mini grids comprised of solar and wind power. TILOS has already received two EU […]

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Renewables to produce 85% of global electricity needs by 2050

DVL GL published its Energy Transition Outlook 2017 report and predicted that by 2050, 85% of global electricity needs and 44%of total energy needs will be met by renewables.

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Tesla begun large-scale production of solar roof tiles

American automaker, energy storage company, and solar panel manufacturer Tesla launched large-scale production of its glass solar roof tile at its Buffalo plant. JB Straubel, Tesla’s Chief Technical Officer said: “By the end of the year, we will have a rump-up of solar roof modules started in a substantial way”. (Read more)

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£1 billion solar programme for social housing tenants was launched in England and Wales

A solar programme which aims to install rooftop solar panels for social housing tenants across England and Wales was officially launched.

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